Following God’s plan for your life will often lead you out of your comfort zone and out into unchartered waters. In a season of prayer, pursuing God’s plan for our family. God spoke to my wife and me about planting a life-giving church that

would point people to Jesus, transform a city and unite His body. As we moved forward, God’s response was clear, “Where I’m sending, you will be the first to arrive for what I want to do next.” I knew then God was giving us an assignment and it was a call to begin something new. In November of 2016, we decided we would leave our home of 10 years in Chicago, and move to Deerfield Beach to position our family for our next assignment. We weren’t exactly sure how what was taking place in our hearts would unfold, but we knew God had placed us in a season of preparation and transition. This next season would be difficult but the desire to discover God’s purpose for our family was strong. Remembering what God said to us months earlier, I made business trips to South Florida and began exploring that area. As I interacted with people throughout the city, the most powerful thing took place. God again spoke to me and I knew without a doubt that He was calling our family to move to Deerfield Beach. We were to begin a work that would bring life and peace to those who were in need. When we’re faithful to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, God has revealed obedience will always lead us in the direction of His will for our lives. After 30 years of serving the local churches, we knew it was time to do our part to expand the Kingdom of God. In November of 2017, we finally arrived at the thirsty shores of Deerfield Beach with the charge to launch the Fountain Fellowship. We are thankful for the resources God has put around us and are thankful for your investment of time in this process. We trust that you will prayerfully consider how God will use you to help plant The Fountain Fellowship. The best is yet to come!

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